Saturday, October 2, 2010

New woo at The Community College of Baltimore County

I've written before about my dismay that The Community College of Baltimore County miseducates some students--who it clearly should be educating in critical thinking and science instead--by offering courses in pseudoscience and woo. This semester, CCBC has added at least one new course to the woo it offers to the gullible and irrational.

From its course title, Enrich Your Life sounds as though it would help its students live more fulfilling lives, but the course description describes a course that, while it may be manure, won't enrich anything but the finances of the teacher and CCBC. 

The description says:
We exist in a field of energy that influences us positively and negatively. When energy is negative it creates harmful influences in our live. Learning to align with natural energy patterns invites wealth, good people, events and well-being. Learn the keys to creating beneficial energy to heal and support you.
Sounds like this course would be a negative and harmful influence on the minds of those who takes it. 

Doesn't CCBC require evidence that the courses it offers teach students something other than "stupid stuff some silly person simply pulled out of their ass made up"?

Is there no criteria for what someone can teach at CCBC other than "what we can get some gullible people to pay for"?

Will CCBC agree to offer any course that labels itself "alternative" and contains the words "healing" and/or "energy" in its course description? 

Isn't anyone at CCBC embarrassed or ethically troubled by the woo being offered there?