Saturday, July 13, 2013

Missing Bigfoot

Apparently I missed coming across Bigfoot when I made a recent trip through central Pennsylvania. Drat!

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Growing old--ungracefully

When I was a middle aged woman, I thought—briefly—about what my life would be like when I finally entered my senior years, and I was thoroughly convinced I would grow old gracefully. But “graceful” is not a word I’d use to describe myself in my 60s...

That's how my new article at The Feminine Hivemind begins. If you want to read the sorry details, pop on over to TFH. 

If you haven't discovered TFH yet: "The Hivemind is a place for secular feminists to write about and discuss the topics that are important to us without having to fight to be heard."

Monday, July 1, 2013

Young boy tricks woman so he can peep down her shirt. Hilarious comic.

Isn't this One Big Happy comic strip published on June 30, 2013, simply adorable and oh so very funny?

Joe, an eight-year-old boy, is moping at a cookout--until he spies an attractive young woman. That makes him happy. He then unties his shoelace and asks the young woman to help him retie it--all so he can peep down her shirt. Looking at the woman's breasts makes Joe much much happier. Look at his grin.

And then other small boys follow his example and line up with their shoes untied so they can also take a peek at the young woman's breasts.

In the final panel, the young woman is perhaps beginning to suspect that she's been used. But who cares how she feels if the boys are happy?

Having a young boy trick a young woman so he can ogle her breasts is nothing short of hilarious, no? Just the sort of behavior our culture finds so amusing. "Boys will be boys. And boys will try just about any trick to look at a woman's boobs anyway they can. That's not wrong. That's just nature. And it's funny. Ha-ha." Not the least bit creepy or repulsive.

And that's just the beginning. Just wait until Joe and the other boys grow up and continue their breast peeking as men. The sneaky tricks they won't try then.

But, hey, if the woman hadn't been wearing such a slutty shirt, Joe probably wouldn't have been tempted to deceive her. If a young woman dresses like a slut, she should be expect to be treated like one, right?

This is why women need to wear burkas: to keep boys and men from being tempted into behaving badly.