Thursday, March 4, 2010

There's always a catch

Last week I was at an event in which the head of the Lutheran Mission Society spoke. She talked about how the Society fed and clothed an ever-growing number of poor. I approved of the feeding and the clothing, but I waited for "the catch." Because when religious groups help someone, there's inevitably a catch. Which is why I oppose governmental funding of faith-based initiatives, or the government's contracting with faith-based groups to provide what should and could be, purely secular government services.

So, I wasn't the least surprised when the speaker proudly added, "And we not only give the poor food and clothes, we bring them the Gospel." Like that was a good thing. Yeah, that's what the poor need most in addition to food and clothing: mythological stories about an all-knowing, all-powerful, and all-loving God who has decided, because of His very mysterious plan, to make them poor, hungry, and unable to clothe themselves.

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  1. This hasn't been the way the church has always been. It is something more recent. During the Catholic reign I don't know of any such thing, you know they had to Crusades and Inquisition. I hope to do a study on this to find out when the gift giving with strings attached all began. I think there is little evidence of it in the Babble. They certain helped each other.