Sunday, January 30, 2011

Email spam: The Almighty Bible

I don't know if I've recently been added to some unfortunate spam list, or whether my spam filters just aren't catching everything they used to, but I've started receiving spam on two previously spam-free email accounts. 

None of the recent spam has been the typical "enlarge your penis" or "refill your male sex medications" spam. Instead, the spam all seems to be ads linked to websites for a wide variety of products--but, just like the more typical spam, not a single one so far seems to be targeted to my needs or interests.

For example, this ad:

Ah, yes, just what an atheist whose atheist children are now adults would buy. Although I am a little tempted to send for the FREE Book of Genesis, which The Almighty Bible promotion site assures me is "PERFECT FOR ALL AGES!"

At least the ad admits that the books are "graphic novels," and doesn't claim they're non-fiction "as dictated by God," and that the books are only "biblically accurate," not, you know, "factually accurate."

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  1. But... but... If it has to be Biblically accurate, shouldn't it merit an NC-17 tag?