Sunday, November 25, 2012

Groupon woo: Fancy schmanchy pricey enemas

If you believe that nasty, nameless, scary "toxins" are stuck in your body's exit tunnel, and they need to pressured into leaving, has Groupon got a deal for you! Fancy schmanchy pricey enemas!

According to the ad, "Certified hydrotherapists assist with internal cleansing sessions by massaging clients' bellies to drive out impacted toxins." Certified hydrotherapists! So you know that this can't be quackery. These are serious professionals who know how to give someone an enema.

"Over 60" of these bargain sessions have been snapped up already, so "the deal is on!" Hurry! You have only three days left to pay to have water squirted up your ass for no good reason.

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