Friday, April 20, 2012

Doggone it! Baltimore Humane Society promotes animal woo

Doggone it! The Baltimore Humane Society is now promoting woo. Its latest newsletter contained the following announcement:

There's a disclaimer: "The workshops (and Reiki in general) is presented only as a complement to traditional veterinary care to encourage more hands-on bonding time. It is not meant to replace traditional veterinary medicine."

However, the host of the workshops, The Animal Reiki Alliance, promotes reiki for more than encouraging more hands-on bonding time.

According to the Reiki Healing for Our Animal Companions brochure on the ARA website:
Reiki helps animals in many ways:
• Aiding in pain management for animals who
are ill or injured.
• Promoting relaxation and calm for animals with
emotional issues, anxiety, separation anxiety
or stress.
• Increasing the bond between human and
animal - a great way to ease an animal’s
transition to a new home environment or
to enhance training your pet.
• Bringing peace and comfort to a dying pet by
easing the transition into death.
• Facilitating other healing responses, including
reduced tumor sizes.

$125 seems like a lot of money to learn more hands-on bonding, even if the workshop does include an "attunement."

However,  if you want to spend even more on learning hands-on bonding, and you've already been attuned,  there's a Level 2 Workshop

Reiki must be super special since it apparently can promote hands-on bonding from a distance.

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