Friday, April 20, 2012

Unbelieveable! Psychic wrong regarding missing woman

Christine Jarrett disappeared more than 20 years ago. Two days ago, police found remains, now confirmed to be Christine Jarrett's, buried under a shed in the yard of the home she had shared with her husband, Robert Jarrett. Police had long suspected Robert Jarrett of his wife's murder, but lacked the evidence needed to charge him or the probable cause needed to search the property. Police have now charged Robert Jarrett with first- and second-degree murder.

According to The Baltimore Sun, at the time of Christine Jarrett's disappearance:
Worried friends hoping to find leads reached out to a local psychic, who told them she had visions of Jarrett willingly climbing into a light-blue car with an unidentified man. "She did not have her purse on. No woman goes anywhere without her purse," the psychic said, predicting that Christine was still in the area, within a 50-mile radius.
OK, let's give the psychic some credit. While the psychic was wrong about Christine Jarrett's leaving with a man in a light-blue car, the psychic was right about her still being within a 50-mile radius of her home. 

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