Monday, June 28, 2010

Homeopathic products ad in Newsweek

I'd put Newsweek's May 24 &31 double issue aside the day it arrived, since I was really busy then, and totally forgot about it until this weekend.

So, I'm finally browsing through it, and although I'm usually fairly oblivious to ads (I, and others like me, must be the bane of advertisers), I happened to glance at the ads under "Best of Healthy Living"--because, really, who doesn't want to live healthily?--and saw the above ad for two homeopathic products.

OK. I know the ad is legal, even though I highly doubt that either of these remedies can provide evidence that they are either safe or effective for treating fibromyalgia or tinnitus, as science-based OTC products that make medical claims are required to do. And that's just dangerous. And pathetic. And misleading. And a rip-off of gullible consumers.

But, geez, Newsweek, even though I realize that you are hard-up for advertisers these days, don't you have any standards for the ads you accept?

And when is Congress and the FDA going to finally take some action to protect consumers against misleading and potentially dangerous ads for untested products like these?

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