Monday, March 21, 2011

"Lifestyle & Leisure" woo at Howard Community College

Howard Community College is offering yet more woo! For spring, it lists a wide range of woo in the "Lifestyle & Leisure" category of its catalog, including:
The word Qigong literally means skill or cultivation of vital energy (qi). Traditional Chinese medicine believes that good health is the result of a free-flowing, well-balanced qi (bio-energy) system, while sickness, pain or physical disorders are the result of qi blockage, or unbalanced qi in the body. Qigong practice helps to balance the qi system in the body and break the qi blockages to recover health....
The Chakra System and Auras
Use the basic of this system of energy and find out how to balance these energy spirals. You will also be given techniques to see auras and what the colors of the aura mean.
Interpreting Your Dreams
This course will offer easy guidance into the world of dream interpretation. Dreams are powerful indicators that provide us with insight about our lives. Learn the five basics to unlocking the meaning of your dreams and to receive answers from your higher self.
You Can Hear and See Your Inner Guide
Have you ever wondered what your purpose is? Do you even think about who or what is out there that could guide you to find the right path for you? You have a guide inside of your (sometimes called the higher self). You just need to learn to recognize that guide and pay attention to the message. Using techniques from the facilitator's book, you will be shown how to work with energy and creative visualization in order to unblock your mind.

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