Thursday, May 6, 2010

Eight atheists walked into a bar...

OK. So eight atheists walked into a bar on National Prayer Day, and...with deliberation and great conviction, pointedly did not pray. 

Instead members of The Baltimore Pharyngula Fans Group spent the evening drinking and discussing, often with tremendous snark, and more than a touch of blasphemy, subjects as varied as end of life decisions, the restrictive and repugnant recently enacted Oklahoma abortion law, inane questions people ask us because of our profession, and crimes of moral tuniptude and whether turnips can consent to sex. As usual, there were plenty of good stories exchanged, accompanied by much laughter and the occasional groan.

If you are a Pharyngula fan who lives in the Baltimore area, and haven't made it to one of the group's get-togethers yet, you're missing wonderful evenings of fellowship and fun. 


  1. Well done. @godlessatheist

  2. I shall groan from afar - not having been able to make it this time. I am looking eagerly forward to the next "weekend-meet"...