Friday, May 28, 2010

On the web: Jesus Christ News

Yesterday, I received my first tweet about Jesus--a link to Jesus Christ News. I don't know what the intent of the twit that tweeted that link to me was, but after giving the matter as much careful thought as it deserved--none at all, really--I have decided to do what I love to do with such nonsense, and that's to express my actual reaction to it, beginning with, "What a disappointment."

That site could have been soooo awesome: "Wow! Jesus has his own news site!" South Park come to life! (And I'll admit, I might have been impressed if the site either had videos of the real Jesus himself reading the news, or if it were a South Park-type parody of Christian beliefs) but alas... 

Right now, the headline "news" story on the site is: "The Way To Heaven--An Important Message Explaining The Truth About Going To Heaven." That's news? Seems like the same-old, same-old regurgitated silly invisible sky-guy fiction being promoted as non-fiction and sold to gullible readers.

Why I've read more hoppin-ing articles on the Easter Bunny's news site! Santa often has some really jolly, cool news posted too, especially in the down-time between his magical sleigh rides. The Tooth Fairy regularly posts toothy gossip full of truthiness. And you can find pure gold on the Leprechaun's news site on an almost daily basis.  
If you missed out on going to Heaven for any reason, the extremeness of your mistake would be impossible to measure.
Maybe not. Have you thought about using the Invisible Pink Unicorn Scale? I've heard that works pretty well for measuring the extremeness of messing-up and missing out on trips to make-believe places. Never used it myself though, so don't ask me for instructions. 

And in other Jesus Christ News "news":
Feathered Dinosaurs or Flightless Birds?: Click here to listen. On this episode of ID the Future Ridiculous as Usual, Casey Luskin....
 Fixed that for you.

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