Saturday, May 22, 2010

In email: "Inspirational" book ad

Among yesterday's emails came Borders' weekly ad promoting a sale on "Inspirational Books You'll Enjoy!"

Don't think so, since I tend to find books that try to inspire me by gushing about the glory, power, and all-around-awesomeness of an invisible, supernatural being who lives in the sky (unless he lives in our hearts or someplace else we can't ever see him if we're not delusional), anything but.

OK. The Dalai Lama's book might be slightly different, since it tries to convince readers to value and respect widely varying, and often wildly incompatible, religious beliefs. But I am not inclined to value or respect any adult's belief in one or more invisible, super-powerful, magical beings who control our lives, read our minds, and even though he/she/they have a mind-boggingly huge and complex universe to run, usually have special concerns about what we earthlings eat and wear, as well as a rather creepy interest in our sex lives and what human is putting which body part where.

I'll admit there's value in knowing what the opposition is saying and thinking, but I can only read so much mind-numbing inanity and insanity in "inspirational" or "spiritual" books. And, if I did decide to read one, I wouldn't buy it new, and contribute towards the profits of the authors and publishers. I'd borrow it from my library, or, if I wanted my own copy to use as a reference on the subject of "silly things people actually believe," buy a used one.

Borders, if you want to "inspire me," offer me a deal on books about critical thinking or the wonders of science and the real, natural world. How about it?

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  1. Hi Bastion!
    I'm AngelKaida from Pharyngula. (I rarely post there, but that's how I came across your blog so I figured I'd mention it.) I just wanted to thank you for your blog. Reading it, especially the Facebook Follies posts and this one, put a smile on my face - albeit a wry smile of commiseration - when I was having a bad day. So thanks!